Riding 14th – 15th May.

Limited to 500 riders.

Waiau Trail Ride is an exciting weekend for competent riders of off-road motorcycles and ATVs (no passengers). No Side by Sides.

Rider Briefing

  • Children under 15 years MUST BE ACCOMPANIED by a guardian throughout the ride.
  • Courses are challenging and set over steep, scenic farmland (enduro deviations included) and are very demanding on rider and machine.
  • The tracks have numerous hazards there are rivers, tree stumps, possible farm stock, rocks or obstacles hidden in the grass, under runners, old fences, wire, posts and most importantly other riders.
  • An approved safety helmet and spark arrestors are compulsory.
  • Spark Arrestors are ESSENTIAL on our ride. No spark arrestor – no ride!
  • Recommended Gear – Appropriate Boots – (Gumboots or gym shoes are not acceptable footwear) Gloves, Water Bottle, Clothing appropriate for all weather conditions, Fire Extinguisher (optional). We also strongly recommend protective safety clothing such as body armour, neck brace, goggles, knee pads, kidney belts, long-sleeved tops, and long, strong trousers.
  • The venues will be well signposted from the Waiau township each day.
  • (No pee-wee tracks available).
  • Bikes must be mechanically safe and sound, knobbly tyres are essential (if wet clay).
  • Bikes must be clean to protect our environment and the spread of disease, especially clear of all seed material and any river matter.
  • Registration opens each morning at 8 am
  • The track opens at 9.00 am. Closes at 3 pm.
  • Continuous loop tracks (all subject to conditions on the day).
  • Provide own fuel – no refuelling stops.
  • Loop tracks up to 45km long.


Rider Rules

  1. RIDE TO YOUR ABILITY on the trail. You must always be able to stop with half the distance you see in front of you.
  2. STAY ON THE MARKED TRACK unless your safety is at risk. If you are lost, stop your bike, take off your helmet, listen for other riders and return to the track slowly. Most accidents occur from riders being off track. The track is ONE WAY never ride back through the riders.
  3. OBEY ALL SIGNS. The track is marked clearly with signage, fluro orange arrows, paint and electrical tape. Orange paint indicates the main track, Blue paint indicates enduro’s. Please leave all temporary fences up and do not drive over them.
  4. ENDUROS. Enduros are for experienced riders. Please know your limits! Enduros are marked with blue arrows.
  5. IN CASE OF AN ACCIDENT – Stop other bikes for help. Make the accident scene secure. Get someone to care for the patient and get someone else to continue stopping/warning bikes of the accident. If you have mobile reception and you know your location, phone the course supervisor on Annabel  021 183 8007. NEVER ride back through the riders. In the event of an emergency ring 111.
  6. WEAR CORRECT SAFETY GEAR when riding including helmet, boots that cover the ankle (no gumboots). Long sleeved top, strong long trousers, gloves, goggles, knee pads, kidney belt and body armor are strongly recommended. The committee reserves the right to remove any rider for any reason if deemed unsafe. 
  7. HIGH FIRE RISK ALERT. Compulsory spark arrestor fitted to bike. Strictly no smoking. Do not lie bikes down on the grass. Put out all fires. If you see a fire, ring course supervisor, alert a sweep and ring 111.
  8. UNDER 15’s RIDE WITH AN ADULT. Adults at all times need to keep junior riders riding in front to keep them in view. This will keep you and other riders safe on the trail.
  9. 10KMPH SPEED LIMIT IN CARPARK – If you speed in the carpark, we will ask you to go home. All safety gear to be worn while riding in car park (See #6).
  10. TREAT ALL ROADS AS OPEN. Road rules apply, give way to all road traffic at road crossings.
  11. NOTE TRACK OPENING AND CLOSING TIMES. Riders are not permitted to be on the trails outside of these times. Lead sweeps in orange will lead the first loop of the day – do not attempt to pass.
  12. ALL RIDERS MUST READ AND UNDERSTAND EVENT RULES AND BRIEFING, then sign the event ‘Disclaimer of Liability’ statement before riding.


COST for Event:

Our trail ride will be $60 per day or $120 for both days (not including lunch). The price covers a large per rider donation to St John who is onsite. We also offer a payment to the landowners for their involvement and use of their land.  Without them being so generous we wouldn’t be able to raise the money we do to support the education of our children, as in today’s environment, not all costs are covered by the Ministry of Education.


Food available to purchase :

Pre-paid lunches are available. Please select lunch options on our entry form.

Saturday – 2 Meat Pattie and Coleslaw Burgers $15 / Sunday – 2 BLT Bacon Butties in a Fresh Ciabatta Bun $15 (Gluten Free option available).  Both days will include a drink, chocolate bar and a packet of chips.

2022 Venue:

All prices include donations to the Amuri St Johns. A donation to the Westpac Helicopter and the Landowners get a percentage of money per rider.


Saturday Course – Barcaldine, 256 Morses Road, Waiau 

Sunday Course – Hossack Downs Farm (Hill View), 63 Lyndon Road, Waiau

Directions to course car parks will be well signposted from Waiau. Both courses are approximately 10mins from Waiau township